With one out of every six homes burglarized on an annual basis you get an idea how big of a problem home security is. There’s all kinds of solutions to the home security problem. Most of them are expensive. Here are some home security tips on how to keep your home secure and possibly prevent burglary and home invasion. And most of these tips won’t cost you a penny.

1. Lock entryways-60 percent of all home burglaries happened through unlocked doors and windows.

2. Common sense-most of these things are common sense. ‘Hindsight’ if you will.

3. Remove hiding places-such as trees and shrubs that may be near lower-level doors and windows. They make good hiding places.

4. Close garage door-may sound silly, but if you leave it open it is almost like saying “come on in.”

5. Start or join a “Neighborhood Watch”-they are very effective and they are free.

6. Get a sign-a sign warning of a vicious guard dog, a security company, or one of my favorites an NRA sticker on your front window.

7. Yard clutter-keep your possessions like cars, toys, tools in your garage not in the driveway or front yard. Then keep your garage locked.

8. Install tempered glass-in windows that are near doors. It just makes it harder for the bad guys to get in.

9. Install solid core doors-and use deadbolt locks. Again it will slow the bad guys down.

10. Use your peephole-don’t reflexively open your front door when somebody knocks. That is another sure invitation for a home invasion.

11. Bad guy enemies-are lights, noise and time. Keep your home well lit inside and out. The longer it takes the bad guys to get in, chances are he’ll go somewhere else. And if he does get in install some alarms to make it noisy. Bad guys don’t like lights, noise or anything that slows them down.

12. Door and window alarms-are cheap, easy to install and very effective. If the bad guys do get in the alarms will sound freaking them out.

13. Give your home to lived in look-nothing says “burglarize me” more than a pile of newspapers in your front yard or unmowed grass.

14. Barking dog sounds-you don’t need a dog-just the barking dog sounds. It is a proven fact that the sound of a barking dog is the most effective deterrent to home burglary.

15. Self defense items-keep some stun guns, pepper sprays around the house. Just in case someone does get in you can protect yourself and your family.

Follow these tips and you go a long ways towards keeping your family safe and your home secure.